Robin Becker, born 1993 in Lohr am Main, is a composer and pianist living in Munich. Since his teenage years, he has been playing the drums and the piano. He discovered his interest for music composition when he touched the keys of the piano for the first time. At that time improvisation as well as combining different styles became a very important part of his music.

Robin began his studies at the music academy in Bad Königshofen, Germany, with piano and marimba as his main instruments. After that he studied composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, where he also gained experience in conducting his own music. During his studies he has been experimenting with different instrumentations as well as musical styles and created a wide selection of concert music for solo instruments as well as chamber orchestra and symphonic orchestra.

Never satisfied with working in one single genre, Robin worked in the concert world, as well as for media projects. He was part of different films and wrote the music for several documentaries, short film projects, as well as game music.

Besides that, Robin founded with two of his colleagues the Trio „Clockwork“ to dive into the world of minimal music and improvisational concerts. With the instrumentation of cello, dulcimer and piano/synthesizer he is exploring new musical territory by intensifying the use of synthetic sound sources as well as improvisational elements.

Robin is also one of the composers of the dance theater piece „Dreamscapes – an urban fairy tale“, which combines different dancing styles from modern breakdance to classical ballet with various musical styles from solo piano over ambient music to modern EDM tracks as well as urban Hip Hop Beats.

In 2014, Robin won the competition for composition from „Jeunesse Musicales“ and the „2014 German Game Music Award“.